The Young Adventurist – Kobe

Project Description

Whether it’s modelling or shooting a short film, Kobe can do both. With his handsome features and model figure (duh, he’s a model),
Kobe is living the good life. He looks the way he does through months of hard work and determination while some of us are still embracing our couch potato-ness.

Fashion and Fitness- That’s the best way to describe Kobe. He’s either slaying the hipster look or killing it in the gym. Kobe is also into comedy- Making comedy videos with his friends and putting a smile on our faces!

26 years-old with looks and physique that are magazine cover-worthy. Kobe is not only dedicated to being in the best shape but he is also the founder of Doux Skin Care- Stressing the importance of taking care of our skin.

This Protein-Me Box creating innovative new products is definitely something worth celebrating, so we’ve put together an exclusive box for you to discover new favourites. Packed with some of our latest innovations, from delicious snacks to hard-hitting pre-workouts — it’s time to try an upgrade.


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