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With the rapid development of the Internet, attracting tons of people to participate in e-commerce, which dramatically increase the competition between e-commerce industries. Faced with the fierce competition and fickleness of the industry, e-commerce and retailers struggled with unsatisfactory business and failed to find a solution that really helped them solve the status quo. In fact, despite the ever-changing e-commerce and retail industry, it’s essence has not changed, and that is to meet the customer's experience needs in shopping, socializing and entertainment. After learning about the bottleneck of the entire ecosystem, we developed PopWonders with a combination of three aspects of shopping, entertainment, and social experience with innovation and intelligent technology. It enhances and completes e-commerce, thereby bringing a whole new future to the online shopping and unique experience!


Omni-Channel enables customers to connect, share, engage and convert easily across all social media channels and retails touchpoint.


Lower operation costs and go-to-market faster with scale up business coverage with minimal fee, and recurring revenue with minimal sales efforts.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing.

What we really do?

Get all the best deals in our platform for both merchant and consumer to start and discover subscription and social commerce with complete solution.

Our Vision & Mission

To innovate and provide end-to-end subscription & social commerce solution by using AI technology and strategize through our open ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Trusted Community

PopWonders is designed to make selling and buying easy, enjoyable, and safe. We contained several procedures to facilitate trust.

Meet our team

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CEO & Founder

Jennifer lawrence

Dev Leader

Susan Narama

Design Leader

Michal Kors

Art Director

John Lemeob

Tech Leader